August 16, 2018

A Red River Area Sportsman’s Club meeting was held at the Wahpeton Community Center from 7:30 to 9:00pm on Thursday August 16, 2018.  Greg Braun, Wayne Beyer, Abby Heitkamp, Greg Gerou, Jerry Oren, Randal Hoerer, Cindi Van Tassel, Vern Shasky, Curt Mund, Josh Barringer, Rick Teberg, Cathy Bell, Dick Bell, and Paul Sinner attended the meeting.

MSC (Mund, Shasky) to approve June 19, 2018 minutes.

Presidents Report

  • KBMW’s more tackle, less game box distributed 70 rods, 20 large tackle boxes with gear, and several small tackle boxes in 1.5 hours
  • Greg Gerou updated the RRASC listed duties of each EC and BOD member.
  • High School Clay target league produced its first Nationals participants with two locals from Wahpeton; Logan Klosterman and Joncy Mastel.

Treasurers Report

  • Bill payments include the following:
    • Cindy $12.78 Family Fishing
    • Vern $108.00 Family Fishing
    • North Dakota Game Warden Museum $250.00
    • Eagles donation of $500.00
  • Incoming
    • 2 new memberships $20.00
    • Deer Hides $350.00
  • Checking account balance $14.641.34
    • MSC (Bell, Mund) to approve treasurers report


  • Carol Manock-Hope Memorial Fund awarded $25.00
    • MSC (Hoerer, Vantassel)

Hunting Contests

  • Turkey beard (adult) – Joe Keller, 9.25”, Sheyenne River Valley, 5-6-18 

Fishing Contests

  • Crappie (adult) – Mark Althoff, 14.75”, Long Lake, 6-27-18.
  • Largemouth Bass (adult) – Vern Shasky, 19.25”, Pearl Lake, 6-2-18.
  • Walleye (adult) – Mark Althoff – 28.5”, Long Lake, 6-2-18.
  • Rainbow Trout (adult) – Rick Teberg, 21.5”, MS.

Public Relations Committee

  • Headwaters Parade NDSCS September 29, 2018

Red River/ANS Committee

  • ANS handouts given at the KBMW more Fishing less game box
  • Red River – benches in stock need to be installed

Mooreton Pond

  • Gravel from Skovholt was moved by Dell Hoefs.
  • Floats westside corner

Family Fishing Nights

  • Request made to get overall numbers from Cindie Van Tassel
    • June – 6 adults and 11 youth attended
    • July – 8 adults and 8 youth attended
    • August – 15 adults and 44 youth attended
  • Thank you to all the volunteers who make Family Fishing Nights Possible
    • Benefits to having Family Fishing Night Include
      • People coming back for additional knowledge
      • People purchasing fishing licenses in MN & ND
      • People getting outside more
      • Family interacts

MN Fishing League

  • Heart of the League fishing banquet has been postponed
  • Breckenridge Fishing Team Placed multiple times throughout the yr.
  • Fishing League placements do not go by weight but instead by length.
    • Participates measure and save picture
    • See list of new lakes
  • A thank you to the Sportsman’s Club for sponsorship
    • A few kids participated whom had no fishing experience
    • Overall a great experience and gave the opportunity to fish new lakes

Youth Waterfowl Hunt

  • Was held on September 15th
  • Each kid received belt and hangers
  • Give away our decoys
  • Steve Manock made venison sausage

Youth Pheasant Hunt

  • Mark and Greg are working on the final details, getting the event squared away
  • Will be held September 29

Old/New Business

  • It was requested that we schedule a time to go through the waterfowl decoys
  • Justin Krantz has access to new waterfowl decoys
  • Fishing School was discussed
  • SMOKER will be held on October 26th.  Volunteers are NEEDED.
    • Callers and Donations
    • Recommend cash donations if ideas are needed
  • Wayne will be acquiring the permit

Calendar of Events

  • Saturday, September 29th – Youth Pheasant Hunt at Chuck Haus Farm
  • Thursday, October 4th – ND Wildlife Federation quarterly meeting at Chase Lake Refuge
  • Thursday, October 18 • 6 p.m. – Jr Wildlife Gun Cleaning
  • Thursday, November 15 • 6 p.m. – Jr Wildlife Carving
  • Monday, December 3rd – ND Game Fish Fall Advisory Board Meeting at Hughes Shelter
  • Saturday, December 8th – RRASC’s Annual Christmas party

The next meeting is scheduled at the Wahpeton Community Center on Thursday, September 20, 2018. There was no further discussions and meeting was adjourned.