February 15, 2018

A Red River Area Sportsmen’s Club meeting was held at the Wahpeton Community Center from 7:30 to 9:25 PM on Thursday, February 15, 2018. Greg Braun, Paul Sinner, Jerry Oren, Bill Straus, Leroy Smith, Don Bajumpaa, Vern Shasky, Cindie VanTassel, Connie Stach, Mark Althoff, Greg Gerou and Wayne Beyer attended the meeting.

Jacob Fenske accepted a rooster pheasant mount harvested during the Youth Pheasant Hunt. Jeff Schwartz was the taxidermist. Jacob thanked the club for sponsoring the Youth Pheasant Hunt and Chuck Haus for hosting it on his farm. Tail feather measured 20 3/8” long.

Mark Althoff, recently selected by the ND Wildlife Federation as ‘Sportsman of the Year,’ thanked the club for its support of youth hunting and fishing events. He is gratified that activities like the Long Lake Fishing Derby has grown from seven kids to 214. Mark received a congratulatory letter from Senator Heidi Heitkamp. Mark has chaired the Youth Pheasant Hunt since its inception and is coaching Richland 44 Trap Shooting again.

Mark Althoff will offer a spear fishing morning at Moran Lake on Saturday, February 24th. Carter Gerou is interested.

MSC (Shasky, Braun) to approve 1-18-18 minutes.

Don Bajumpaa, Wilkin County Soil and Water Conservation presented a $4000 Aquatic Nuisance Species grant to the club. Common natural resources like the Bois de Sioux and Red Rivers are shared. ANS education will be marketed at fishing derbies, Youth Waterfowl Hunt, Hunters Smoker, etc.

Dennis Miranowski, City of Wahpeton Engineer has proposed to the Corps of Engineers that an access road from 7th Avenue South be developed to the Bois de Sioux River fishing pier. At some point, a walking trail could also spur off the levee trail. Brett Lambrecht may be able to help get gravel from Richland County. The project has potential to be a county-city-park-RRASC partnership. A map was included on the back side of the agenda.

President’s Report

  • Nominations will be accepted for club awards, including Sportsman of the Year, Lifetime Achievement and Lifetime Membership through the March meeting. Nomination cover sheets were provided.
  • The Spring Banquet is scheduled on Thursday, April 26th at Hughes Shelter. Guest Speaker and North American Game Warden candidates were welcomed.
  • Proposed small grant policy was previously emailed for consideration.
  • Jerry Oren and Greg Gerou moved City Hall supplies, including 11 bags of duck decoys to south-side storage facilities. More shelving is needed.
  • Regular KBMW advertising has been stopped and future ads will be specifically for special events.


  • Bill payment included Fergus Falls Wildlife Club – $500 for prairie chicken blind, Mark Althoff – $180.23 for ND Wildlife Federation Conference, Cindie VanTassel – $467.11 for ND Wildlife Federation Conference, KBMW – $50 for advertising, Econofoods – $48.31 for Jr. Wildlife meal, Cindie VanTassel – $40.98 for Ice Fishing Derby prep night meal, Jeff Schwartz – $200 for Youth Pheasant mount and Vern Shasky – $82.64 for fishing line.
  • Checking account balance is $30.664.

MSC (VanTassel, Shasky) to approve treasurer’s report.

 ND Wildlife Federation

  • Annual Convention was held in Bismarck on January 19-20-21. Club members Greg Gerou, Cindie VanTassel, Mike McEnroe and Wayne Beyer attended.
  • Mark Althoff was named ‘Sportsman of the Year.’
  • Lewis & Clark Wildlife Club has organized a state wildlife club wide cash raffle.
  • Summit with 17 other wildlife agencies was helpful.
  • Grants were awarded to several youth groups, including Wahpeton and Richland 44 trap shooting teams.
  • Road trip to the Watford City area is planned on Wednesday, April 11th to check out Dunn-McKenzie County projects.
  • Club donated an ammunition box with boxes of shotgun shells for the Silent Auction, raising $60.

Jr. Wildlife Club

  • Matt Gilbertson and other Three Rivers Archery Club members (Tom Schmaltz, James Harty and Wade Harty) offered indoor archery tonight.
  • Next month’s activity is building bird nest boxes at Comstock Construction. Numbers are typically restricted to 20. ND Game-Fish will be videotaping the event. Local Boy Scouts will help lead the activity.

Scholarship applications were received from Ellen Anderson & Brock Pearson.

 Hunting Contests

  • Pheasant Tail (Adult) – Abby Heitkamp – 26”, 1-7-18.
  • Pheasant Tail (Youth) – Jacob Fenske – 20 3/8”, 9-30-17.
  • Turkey Beard (Adult) – Brett Lambrecht – 9.75”, Richland County, 4-23-17.
  • Turkey Beard (Youth) – Dylan Teberg – 10”, Wilkin County.

Waterfowl hunting contests were discussed. Ideas included bands and the furthest away.

 Fishing Contests

  • Crappie (Youth) – Joe Pfaff – 13.5”, Fish Lake, 5-13-17.
  • King Salmon (Adult) – Jerry Oren – 38”, Lake Michigan.
  • Muskie (Adult) – Jeff Berg – 44”, Leech Lake, 9-1-17.
  • Largemouth Bass (Youth) – Shea Truesdell – 16”, Pomme de Terre Lake, 7-4-17.
  • Largemouth Bass (Adult) – Jerry Oren – 19.5”, East Lost Lake, 7-13-17.
  • Rainbow Trout (Adult) – Jerry Oren – 28”, Lake Michigan,
  • Walleye (Adult) – Rick Teberg – 27.75”, Pleasant Lake, 5-26-17.
  • Walleye (Youth) – Owen Skovholt – 19”, Ottertail Lake, 1-7-18.

Public Relations Committee

  • Cindie VanTassel suggested hooded sweatshirts and will follow-up.
  • Contacts are web site – Becki Truesdell and Facebook – Abby Heitkamp.
  • Club members were encouraged to link the Sportsmen’s Club with other sites.

Red River applications submitted to ND Game & Fish included (1) fishing pier seats and (2) Kidder Rec Area fishing pier shoreline access. Don Bajumpaa is interested in getting involved with the shoreline project and may offer innovative ways to address it.

Rocks in Korey Skovholt’s farm yard need to be hauled and placed on Mooreton Pond to stabilize the shoreline around the fishing pier.

TJ & Mandy Steinberger offered air rifle shooting during 4H Fun & Fitness Day and it went well.

Neil Heitkamp Ice Fishing Derby

  • Brad Glarum & LeRoy Smith volunteered to park cars. Renegade Toms will bring five prizes.
  • Judy Oren will measure and document fish.
  • More volunteers are needed. The CVB and Chamber have helped get the word out.
  • Volunteers were asked to be at the Community Center at 8:30 AM.
  • Heitkamp Construction crew will drill the holes and are getting the port-a-potties.
  • Speaker stands have been misplaced.
  • Loaner rods will be marked with electric red tape.

Wild Turkey Federation / Renegade Toms Fund-Raiser

  • There were 140 attendees, 15 less than last year.
  • Net profit was about the same.
  • Allan Ward won the Browning 300 magnum sponsor rifle.
  • Hills 210 Café served a delicious meal.
  • Club member Cindie VanTassel won a gun.

MSC (VanTassel, Oren) to approve (1) $500 grant for millet and water management on Manston Waterfowl Management Area for migratory waterfowl and (2) $500 grant for planting prairie grass and wildflowers at the Akron Waterfowl Management Area.

Cindie VanTassel reported she received a thank-you from the MN DNR Commissioner.

Cindie VanTassel asked if club members would be interested in a wild game processing workshop. Brian Schafer offered a class for ND Game Fish in Bismarck for $25. It was open to the public. Club members showed interest in a January-February timetable.

The local Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation fund-raiser is scheduled at the Eagles Club on Saturday, March 24th. Cindie VanTassel, Dick Bell and Abby Heitkamp volunteered for the youth games.

Bill Straus reported the Richland County Pheasants 25th anniversary fund-raiser is scheduled on Saturday, March 10th in Hankinson. Tickets are $30 and attendance is capped at 350.


  • Trap Team funding requests from Fairmont, Milnor, Richland 44 and Wahpeton. Breckenridge has not applied yet.
  • Ottertail County ‘Let’s Go Fishing’ funding request letter.
  • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation fund-raiser letter.

Calendar of Events / Announcements

  • Saturday, February 17th – Neil Heitkamp Ice Fishing Derby from 1-3 PM.
  • Thursday, March 15th – Jr. Wildlife bird nest box project at Comstock Construction from 6-7 PM.
  • Thursday, March 15th – club meeting at Community Center at 7:30 PM.
  • Saturday, March 24th – RMEF fund-raiser at Eagles Club.

MSC (VanTassel, Oren) to adjourn meeting.