January 17, 2019

A Red River Area Sportsman’s Club meeting was held at the Wahpeton Community Center from 7:30 to 9:00pm on Thursday January 17, 2019.  Greg Braun, Abby Heitkamp, Greg Gerou, Cindi Van Tassel, Vern Shasky, Rich Truesdell, Becci Truesdell, Wayne Beyer, Jerry Oren, Brett Lambrecht, LeRoy Smith, Brad Glarum, Dave Langenwalter, Mary Bostrom, Nathan Rausch, Justin Kratz, and Paul Sinner attended the meeting.  MSC (R. Truesdell & D. Langenwalter) to approve November 15th, 2018 minutes.

Guest Speaker

  •  Shea Truesdell – Eagle Scout project. Four shoreline fishing memorial benches; 3 at Kidder Rec Area and 1 by Emory’s Greenhouse.  Shea is seeking a donation of 25% of the bid.  The final bid for the 4 benches is $4,000. MSC (Shasky, Oren) to approve the motion to support the Eagle Scout project at 25%.

Presidents Report (Greg Gerou)

  • All active RRASC members were registered with an NDWF membership.  The cost was $1.00 per member for a total cost of $129.

Treasurers Report (Greg Braun)

  • Bill payments includes the following but is not limited to: shotgun shells and duck calls $1903.41, P & R Mics $2466, Prairie Potholes $150, Daily News $330, Econo $44.47, Post Office $62.00, Econo $72.26, EMS Storage $825, Bold Print $70. Postage $50.
  • Donation of $500 from ND Fish & Game, $182.00 from Fishing Tournament, $350.00 from Cargill, a $2,200 pass through in grants came in for the Mooreton Sportsmen’s club. 
  • Checking account balance $32,005.83
  • MSC (Shasky, Van Tassel) to approve treasurers report

Upcoming 2019 Budget Review

  • Wildlife Habitat missing from budget list.   Add into budget $3,000 for wildlife habitat, ND Fish & Game/Fish & Wildlife.  The MN DNR is currently budgeted at $3,000.   Discuss making  the ND Habitat the same amount.           

Grant Applications

  • We have $3,000 budgeted for grants.  Our grant rules state that; Anyone requesting budgeting needs to fill out an application for consideration.  They may apply for up to half of the final total, of which a max of $500 can be allocated.
  • Head of the Red has requested $1,500 to add a fenced in storage area. 
  • Mooreton Sportsmen’s Club has requested $1,345 to help repair 2 trap houses. The requested amount is 10% of their bid of $13,450.
  • Further conversation is tabled until March of 2019 meeting.

Parks & Recreation

  • ND Fish & Game volunteer conference is February 16, 2019.  After 30 years of volunteering you receive free hunting and fishing licenses. 
  • Blue Goose Days Catfish Tournament – will take place in 2019.  We are looking to get Brad Durick assistance with the tournament.  If a schedule does not work for this tournament we would like to invite him to the area for another event. 
  • Red River Grant Application – Requesting 25% for the Kidder Rec Area fishing pier, $7,500. 
    • MSC (Beyer, Shasky) to approve application
  • ND Sports Fishing Congress – get registered and receive updates from website; make sure you are voicing your opinion.
  • ANS – we will not be receiving the $4,000 grant from Wilkin County in 2019.  They have awarded this to the Chahinkapa Zoo.


  • SE Area Sportsman’s Club Committee
    • Met with ND Legislators, Lisa & Cindy, discussed changing deer youth tags to add one more year to qualify for a youth tag.  At age 15 youth hunters are sent to the general lottery.  The idea was suggested that if this does not pass then youth deer hunters be granted additional bonus tags. This would have to be passed by the ND Fish & Game.

Jr. Wildlife Club Committee (Cindie VanTassel, Rick Teberg & Rich Truesdell)

  • January 2019 meeting was air rifles.
    • 17 kids attended
  • February 2019 will be indoor archery

Scholarships – No new updates

  • Received a new scholarship 11/15/2018 – needs to be reviewed

Hunting Contests

Discussion on adding ducks and geese to the contest. We need to formulate how track these species.

  • Turkey beard (adult) – Joe Keller, 9.25”, Sheyenne River Valley, 5-6-18
  • Pheasant Feather (adult)- Mark Althoff, 22.75″
  • Pheasant Feather (adult)- Joe Keller, 22.75″

Fishing Contests

  • Chinook Salmon (adult) – Don Resler, 53.6”, Alaska, 7-31-18.
  • Coho Salmon (adult) – Brian Resler, 15 lb., Alaska, 7-31-18.
  • Crappie (adult) – Mark Althoff, 14.75”, Long Lake, 6-27-18.
  • Halibut (adult) – Brian Resler, 50 lb., Alaska, 7-31-18.
  • Largemouth Bass (adult) – Vern Shasky, 19.25”, Pearl Lake, 6-2-18.
  • Northern Pike (youth) – Hunter Gregor, 28.5”, 8-1-18.
  • Sockeye Salmon (adult) – Don Resler, 12 lb., Alaska, 7-31-18.
  • Walleye (adult) – Mark Althoff – 28.5”, Long Lake, 6-2-18.
  • Rainbow Trout (adult) – Rick Teberg, 21.5”, MS.
  • Yellow Perch (youth) – Adyson Heitkamp, 10″, Heitkamp Pond, 2-16-19

RRASC Hunter’s Smoker (Becci Truesdell, Curt Mund, Rich Truesdell, Vern Shasky)

  • We have ordered a custom-built AR-10 by Bigwood Electrics for the 2019 event.
  • We have been contacted by Independence Ranch who will be donating a 2-person, 3-day hog hunt in Texas.

Public Relations Committee (Rich Truesdell, Joe Keller, Brad Glarum and Cindie VanTassel)

  • Cindie Van Tassel put together a basket for the ND Fish & Game fundraiser.
  • RRASC needs to update our Flickr account to unlimited photos.  The unlimited storage cost will be $4.17/month and will also include no advertisements on our page.
    • MSC (B. Truesdell, Braun) to approve the upgrade.

Red River/ANS Committee (Brett Lambrecht, Rich Truesdell and Larry Brunkhorst)

  • No new updates

Bois De Sioux Project

  • The estimate came in at $39,000.  We are looking at 25% of this project being our responsibility.  We hope to receive support from the county in regard to gravel cost.

Mooreton Pond (Brad Glarum, Greg Gerou, Vern Shasky, Rich Truesdell)

  • Once the ground thaws we need to move the dock, add fill and level and attach floats on additional dock.

MN DNR Project (Cindie Van Tassel)

  • Cindie attended the DNR roundtable.  MN has the first female DNR Commissioner, Sarah Strommen. 
  • CWD prevention, persons can no longer transport any bones/carcasses across state lines.

MN Fishing League (Cindie Van Tassel)

  • Big Pine by Perham will be having an ice fishing tournament.  Must purchase a raffle ticket to get through the gates, prizes awarded. $2.00 from each ticket sold will be donated back to the local high school. 

Old/New Business

  • New elections will take place in May of 2019.
  • Need to look at purchasing accounting software.  QuickBooks has a cost of roughly $2,200.
  • Considering purchasing a central data base for board members.
  • BDS RMEF – Dick Bell has volunteered to help with the children’s games.
  • NWTF – Banquet; as part of our sponsorship, RRASC was awarded 2 tickets to the event.  The tickets were awarded by a drawing at random.
  • Northern Lights requested funding, RRASC denied the request.
  • Inventory needs to be taken on the gun safe.
  • Need to look at options for our guns that are not suitable for youth.
  • Volunteers needed for the Neil Heitkamp Fishing Derby.  This will include a worknight.  Every kid that attends will receive a free camping chair. 

Calendar of Events

  • February 21, 2019 – Junior Wildlife Club, 6-7pm, indoor archery at the Wahpeton Community Center.
  • February 21, 2019 – RRASC monthly meeting, @ 7:30pm, Wahpeton Community Center.
  • February 24, 2019 – Conceal to Carry in Enderlin by John Boelke
  • March 1, 2019 – Great Bend Fish Fry
  • March 18, 219 – Hunter Education Begins
  • March 29, 2019 – Campbell/Lions Fish Fry
  • April 8, 2019 -Jr Wildlife Club Tewaukon National Wildlife Refuge

The next meeting is scheduled at the Wahpeton Community Center on Thursday, February 21. There was no further discussions and meeting was adjourned.