January 18, 2018

A Red River Area Sportsmen’s Club meeting was held at the Wahpeton Community Center on Thursday, January 18, 2018, Don Bajumpaa, Abby Heitkamp, Larry Brunkhorst, Jerry Oren, Greg Braun, Paul Sinner, Curt Mund, Vern Shasky, Rich Truesdell, Leroy Smith, Brad Glarum, Cindie VanTassel, Greg Gerou and Wayne Beyer attended the meeting.

MSC (Glarum, Mund) to approve January 18, 2018 minutes.

Don Bajumpaa, Wilkin County Soil and Conservation made a presentation about combating Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) and the potential to partner with the Sportsmen’s Club at fishing derbies, Jr. Wildlife Club, signage, youth hunts, boat ramp surveys, etc. $3000-$4000 grants are available from the Minnesota DNR. MSC (Beyer, Shasky) to pursue ANS management partnership with Wilkin County Soil and Conservation.

President’s Report

  • Appreciation was expressed to club members for their outstanding work during 2017.
  • ND Game-Fish big game tag was applied for on-line. If successful, 10% of the proceeds would need to go to wildlife habitat or a shooting sports program.
  • Nominations are being accepted for club awards, including Sportsman of the Year, Lifetime Achievement and Lifetime Membership through the March 15th meeting.
  • The Spring Banquet is scheduled on Thursday, April 26th at Hughes Shelter. Guest Speaker and North American Game Warden Museum honoree candidates are encouraged.
  • Proposed small grant policy was included in the meeting packet for consideration.
  • Member thoughts are with Kathy Diekman, Dave Langenwalter, Chuck Haus, Dennis Murack and Jeff Berg for recent family deaths, medical challenges / procedures, illnesses, etc.
  • Area trap clubs are considering a school trap shooting tournament and may be seeking club support.
  • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has been a consistent $1000 sponsor of our youth waterfowl and pheasant hunts. An upcoming fund-raiser is scheduled at the Eagles Club and they are seeking our club’s support.

MSC (Glarum, Shasky) to approve $500 sponsorship for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation fund-raiser. Volunteers will also be solicited to offer youth games.

Treasurer Greg Braun reported on bill payments / deposits and announced checking account balance is $33,893.11.

MSC (Truesdell, Heitkamp) to approve 2018 budget, financial report and payment of bills.

The ND Wildlife Federation Annual Convention is scheduled on January 19-20-21. Mark Althoff will receive the ‘Sportsman of the Year’ award. Lewis & Clark Wildlife Club is organizing a NDWF cash raffle and all affiliate clubs are expected to participate. A summit is planned with other wildlife clubs on Friday, January 19th.

ND Game-Fish Fisheries Grants

  • Applications are due by January 31st for any matching fisheries grant applications.
  • City Engineer Dennis Miranowski is favorable to supporting public access to the Bois de Sioux River fishing pier. Don Bajumpaa will follow-up with him.
  • Larry Brunkhorst suggested benches on the fishing piers and will follow-up.
  • Club members observed the fishing pier long docked in Welles Memorial Park.
  • The club has budgeted $5000 for any possible river projects.
  • Floats are needed on a Mooreton Pond fishing pier that still needs a location. Corey Skovholt has some rock fill that needs to be spread out.

MSC (Glarum, Oren) to donate $250 to the Breckenridge 4th grade greenhouse bench project. Club members were complimentary of Abbi Paulseth Johnson’s dedication to teaching outdoor conservation education.

SE Area Sportsmen’s Club was happy that ND Game-Fish retained minimum walleye length restrictions at Lake Elsie and Buffalo Lake.

 Jr. Wildlife Club

  • Chris Cantler, Abercrombie taxidermist did an outstanding job teaching 20 Jr. Wildlife Club members about the art of wildlife taxidermy. He is so busy he is a couple years behind.
  • Next month’s activity is indoor archery from 6-7 PM on Thursday, February 15th in the Community Center.
  • A landowner who owns woods along the Wild Rice River south of Great Bend expressed interest in opening the property to youth deer bow hunting.
  • Mark Althoff indicated he would be open to mentoring any young people interested in spear fishing. Abbi Heitkamp / children and Greg Gerou / grandchild expressed interest.

TJ and Mandy Steinberger are offering air rifle shooting during 4H Fun and Fitness Day at the Community Center on Sunday, January 28th. They are also offering a Minnesota conceal carry permit class at Valley Christian Church, Breckenridge on Saturday, February 10th.

Scholarship Committee discussed various ways of marketing the availability of Sportsmen’s Club scholarships. Application deadline is February 1st.

Hunting Contests

  • Pheasant Tail (Adult) – Abby Heitkamp, 26”, 1-7-18.
  • Turkey Beard (Adult) – Brett Lambrecht, 9.75”, Richland County, 4-23-17.
  • Turkey Beard (Youth) – Dylan Teberg, 10”, Wilkin County.

Fishing Contests

  • Crappie (Youth) – Joe Pfaff – 13.5”, Fish Lake, 5-13-17.
  • King Salmon (Adult) – Jerry Oren – 38”, Lake Michigan.
  • Muskie (Adult) – Jeff Berg – 44”, Leech Lake, 9-1-17.
  • Largemouth Bass (Youth) – Shea Truesdell, 18”, Pomme de Terre Lake, 7-4-17.
  • Largemouth Bass (Adult) – Jerry Oren, 19.5”, East Lost Lake, 7-13-17.
  • Rainbow Trout (Adult) – Jerry Oren, 28”, Lake Michigan,
  • Walleye (Adult) – Rick Teberg, 27.75”, Pleasant Lake, 5-26-17.
  • Walleye (Youth) – Owen Skovholt, 19”, Ottertail Lake, 1-7-18.

Neil Heitkamp Ice Fishing Derby

  • 1-3 PM on Saturday, February 17th at Heitkamp Pond.
  • Volunteer signup sheet was passed around.
  • Posters were made available for marketing.
  • Mini-tackle boxes will be received from ND Game-Fish.
  • Jigs and other fishing equipment have already been picked up. There remain a few rods and reels left over from last year that can be used for prizes.
  • Work Night was scheduled on Thursday, February 8th in the Community Center dining room at 5:30 PM to prepare ice fishing rods and reels.

Minnesota DNR

  • $7000 is needed for the enclosed 6’ X 12’ prairie chicken viewing blind near Rothsay. RRASC and the Jr. Wildlife Club would have access to it in the spring to observed dancing on well established leks. The site has been popular with 75-100 people using it during a typical spring. MSC (Braun, Glarum) to approve $500 donation.
  • Financial support has traditionally been provided for a MN DNR walleye rearing pond.
  • Funding may be needed for plantings at a Waterfowl Rest Area.
  • Cindie and Brandon VanTassel attended the annual DNR Roundtable Conference in the Twin Cities. There was a very busy schedule with lots of good information, including Aquatic Nuisance Species, calendar of activities, groundwater report, catfish work group, keeping public land public, fishing group, etc.

Renegade Toms Fund-Raiser

  • 12th annual event is scheduled on Friday, February 2nd at Mooreton Community Center.
  • 18 guns are included this year.
  • Normal crowd is around 160 people.
  • Sponsorship is $260.
  • MSC (VanTassel, Oren) to contribute $500 to the Renegade Toms fund-raiser for sponsor, Jakes and women’s table.
  • $250 NWTF grant was successfully applied for by Brad Glarum for the Wahpeton trap shooting team. Thanks, Brad!
  • Greg Gerou and Wayne Beyer won the drawing for Renegade Toms fund-raiser tickets.
  • RRASC members will receive a $5 discount if purchasing a fund-raiser ticket.

MSC (VanTassel, Shasky) to donate $250 to the Wyndmere Archery in the Schools program for bow cases.

MSC (Truesdell, VanTassel) for Red River Area Sportsmen’s Club to serve as parent organization and 501-c-3 non-profit agency for Wyndmere archery program.

MSC (Braun, Glarum) to approve purchasing a $100 Big Spenders ticket from the Barnes County Wildlife Federation for chance to win $15,000 cash prize or 2018 Polaris Ranger. Proceeds benefit the North Dakota Wildlife Federation and youth shooting sports grants.

Family of Cleo Eberhardt (father of club members Sandi Chapman and Daryl Eberhardt) sent thank-you card for the oak tree memorial at Tewaukon Refuge.

The Christmas Party is scheduled on Saturday, December 8th at the Wahpeton Community Center. Please save the date.

Don Bajumpaa thanked the club for everything it does for wildlife, getting youths outdoors, hunting, fishing, Red River, etc. and complimented its many partnerships to accomplish great things.

Correspondence included trap shooting team requests from Fairmont, Milnor, Richland 44 and Wahpeton.

Calendar of Events / Announcements

  • Thursday, February 15th – Jr. Wildlife archery at Community Center from 6-7 PM.
  • Thursday, February 15th – club meeting at Community Center at 7:30 PM.
  • Saturday, February 17th – Neil Heitkamp Ice Fishing Derby from 1-3 PM.
  • Thursday, March 15th – Jr. Wildlife bird nest box project at Comstock Construction from 6-7 PM.
  • Thursday, March 15th – club meeting at Community Center at 7:30 PM.
  • Saturday, March 24th – RMEF fund-raiser at Eagles Club

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.