March 15, 2018

A Red River Area Sportsmen’s Club meeting was held at the Wahpeton Community Center from 7:30 to 9:30 PM on Thursday, March 15, 2018. Greg Braun, Larry Brunkhorst, Brad Glarum, Dave Langenwalter, Daryl Eberhardt, Josh Barringer, Paul Sinner, Curt Mund, Rich Truesdell, Vern Shasky, Brett Lambrecht, Cindie VanTassel, Connie Stach, Greg Gerou and Wayne Beyer attended the meeting. MSC (Lambrecht, Shasky) to approve February 15, 2018 minutes.

President’s Report

  • Spring banquet is scheduled on Thursday, April 26that Hughes Shelter. Kathy Diekman and Tom Schmaltz will cater the event. Thank you to Cindie VanTassel for preparing invitations.
  • Nominations for club awards – Sportsman of the Year, Lifetime Achievement, Lifetime Membership and North American Game Wardens Association will be accepted through tonight’s meeting. Executive Committee and Board Members will remain after the meeting to vote.
  • Small grant policy was reviewed. In the future, groups need to submit written grant requests and make reports on any grants received. A clause will be added to allow special single-meeting requests.

MSC (Truesdell, Sinner) to approve funding for following groups to be awarded at the Awards Banquet. Asterisk indicates organization needs to submit written request in future years.

  • Game Wardens Museum – $250.
  • Chahinkapa Zoo – $500 + rifle for Wild Game Night valued at $350.
  • *ND Archery Advisory Committee – $250.
  • *Twist-of-Fate – $300.
  • *Mooreton Sportsmen’s Club – Joe Pikarski Trap Range – $600.
  • *Mooreton Sportsmen’s Club – MSC Rifle/Pistol Range – $600.
  • *Three Rivers Archery Club – $600.
  • *Head of the Red Gun Club – $600.
  • *Head of the Red Rifle Range – $600.
  • *Camp Wilderness – Youth Activities – $500.
  • *Women Hunting and Fishing for all Seasons (Minnesota)- $250.

Grant funding for the Clay Target League will include schools at Breckenridge (Coach Nathan Anderson) – 26, Wahpeton (Coach Brian Gefre) – 26, Richland 44 (Coach Mark Althoff) – 22, Fairmount – 18, Wyndmere and Milnor – 20. Member asked if fully rostered team can allow youths to shoot on another team.

RRASC needs to get activity posters to Chamber of Commerce for all upcoming events that will published in their newsletter and calendar.

 Jerry Oren and Randy Hoerer were appointed as the Nomination Committee. Positions to be filled include President Greg Gerou, Vice-President Brad Glarum, Secretary Wayne Beyer, Treasurer Greg Braun and Board Members Brett Lambrecht and Rich Truesdell.

MSC (Sinner, Braun) to approve $130-$140 for additional south-side shelving.

Treasurer Greg Braun reported recently paid bills. Budget and income / expense reports were included in the agenda packet. Checking account balance is $31,841.

MSC (Mund, VanTassel) to approve treasurer’s report.

Secretary’s Report

  • Greg Braun offered to be second delegate for the ND Sportfishing Congress.
  • ND Wildlife Federation will tour the Watford City area on Wednesday, April 11th and meet in Bismarck on Thursday, April 12th.
  • Bob Gehring donated $100 to the Jr. Wildlife Club.
  • ND Game-Fish donated $23 (10% of Catfish Derby income) to the Bois de Sioux River shoreline project.
  • Grant applications will be submitted to ND Game-Fish and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation for this fall’s youth hunts.
  • Catfishing books are available from the Fargo-Moorhead Riverkeepers.

MSC (Beyer, Shasky) to name August 1st fishing derby as ‘Brunk’s Carp & Sucker Derby.’

MSC (VanTassel, Langendorfer) to approve writing letter to federal legislators, encouraging support for conservation programs in the Farm Bill.

MSC (VanTassel, Glarum) to approve writing letter to ND Public Service Commission, thanking and encouraging them to continue support of ND Game & Fish recommendations regarding the placement of wind towers.

Hunting Contests

  • Pheasant Tail (Adult) – Abby Heitkamp – 26”, 1-7-18.
  • Pheasant Tail (Youth) – Jacob Fenske – 20 3/8”, 9-30-17.
  • Turkey Beard (Adult) – Brett Lambrecht – 9.75”, Richland County, 4-23-17.
  • Turkey Beard (Youth) – Dylan Teberg – 10”, Wilkin County.

Fishing Contests

  • Crappie (Youth) – Andrew Teberg – 14”.
  • King Salmon (Adult) – Jerry Oren – 38”, Lake Michigan.
  • Muskie (Adult) – Jeff Berg – 44”, Leech Lake, 9-1-17.
  • Largemouth Bass (Youth) – Shea Truesdell – 16”, Pomme de Terre Lake, 7-4-17.
  • Largemouth Bass (Adult) – Jerry Oren – 19.5”, East Lost Lake, 7-13-17.
  • Northern Pike (Adult) – Dylan Teberg – 38”, Lake 21.
  • Rainbow Trout (Adult) – Jerry Oren, 28”, Lake Michigan.
  • Sunfish (Youth) – Jordan Teberg – 11.25”.
  • Walleye (Adult) – Rick Teberg, 27.75”, Pleasant Lake, 5-26-17.
  • Walleye (Youth) – Jordan Teberg – 19.5”, Alice Lake, 1-7-18.
  • Yellow Perch (Youth) – Jordan Teberg – 13.75”.

Members / Projects

  • SE Area Sportsmen’s Club may meet before ND Game-Fish meeting. Brandon Laddusaw, Sargent County Conservation will make presentation about habitat development opportunities.
  • 21 Jr. Wildlife Club members built bird nest boxes at Comstock Construction tonight. Boy Scouts led the activity, including cutting wood for easy fits. The event was filmed by Mike Anderson, NDGF. It will likely be on TV next Sunday. Next activity is birding at Prairie Wetlands south of Fergus Falls on Monday, April 9th.
  • Mark Althoff taught three youths – Carter Gerou, Tim Welder and Thadius Steinberger how to spear fish on East Moran Lake.
  • MSC (Shasky, VanTassel) to approve $500 scholarships for Ellen Anderson and Brock Pearson.
  • ND Game-Fish approved $15,000 grant for fishing pier benches and Kidder fishing pier shoreline improvements. City Engineer Dennis Miranowski and City Council Members Brett Lambrecht and Don Bajumpaa are favorable to using the 7th Avenue South crossing over the levee to provide access to the Bois de Sioux River fishing pier. Brett will request gravel from Richland County for roads and pedestrian trails.
  • Cindie VanTassel offered to follow-up with the MN DNR regarding possible placement of fishing pier presently in Welles Memorial Park adjacent to the south-side Bois de Sioux River boat ramp.

Korey Skovholt will haul rocks to Mooreton Pond fishing pier shoreline when ground conditions allow. Floats will be attached to a second fishing pier that will be placed in the southwest corner near a shelter. Richland County Park Board is considering locations, including possibly a southeast lake for the second fishing pier that needs a couple floats. Rich Truesdell offered to help weld repairs and float additions, as needed.

Neil Heitkamp Ice Fishing Derby

  • Club members thanked Co-Chairs Vern Shasky and Cindie VanTassel for their outstanding efforts. They also appreciated club members able to volunteer.
  • 268 children participated. It was great to see Circle of Nations students attending.
  • As usual, Heitkamp Construction crew did a great job with much – raising money, drilling holes, moving snow, cooking food, setting up houses, etc.
  • 66 fish were caught. It worked well to have computer in weigh station.
  • ND Game-Fish volunteer forms will be brought to Parks-Rec where any volunteers who haven’t previously signed them should stop by to do same and document hours.

MSC (VanTassel, Stach) to approve $500 contribution to MN DNR for walleye rearing pond.

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

  • Fund-raiser banquet is scheduled on Saturday, March 24th at the Eagles Club.
  • Chairman is Randy Knight.
  • Cindie VanTassel, Dick Bell and Wayne Beyer will volunteer for youth games.
  • Greg Gerou will emcee the event.
  • RRASC is a $300 sponsor and donated $200 towards youth games and prizes.

Vince Herding Youth Fishing Derby

  • Saturday, May 5th at the Kidder Recreation Area.
  • Chairs are Rich and Becci Truesdell.
  • Solicitation letters have been sent out.
  • Fishing Derby posters will be emailed out.
  • Free rods and reels will be given to every participant.

Dick Bell Catfish Tournament

  • Saturday, June 2nd at the Kidder Recreation Area.
  • Justin Kratz is chairing the tournament.
  • Rules and regulations are being submitted to ND Game-Fish for permit approval.

Family Fishing Nights

  • Cindie VanTassel is chairing the summer monthly events.
  • Fish identification station may be added this year.
  • Refurbished rods and reels will be given away again. Work night will be scheduled to go through them.

Old / New / Unfinished Business

  • $20 Lewis and Clark raffle tickets are available. It is a ND Wildlife Federation fund-raiser that has supported local trap shooting programs.
  • MSC (Glarum, Langenwalter) to approve fishing rod and reel donation for Wyndmere Make-a-Wish Foundation fund-raiser.
  • Brad Glarum reported the National Wild Turkey Federation sent 100 Jakes shotgun safety plugs that will be used for the youth hunts.
  • Cindie VanTassel is following up with club logo sweatshirts.


  •  Thank you card from Renegade Toms / 12th Annual National Wild Turkey Federation fund-raiser and mention of Cindie VanTassel winning a gun.
  • Thank you card from spear fishing youths.

Calendar of Events / Announcements.

  • Saturday, March 17th – Trap Team Coaches Training at Digital Guru Warehouse.
  • Saturday, March 24th – RMEF fund-raiser at Eagles Club.
  • Monday, April 9th – Jr. Wildlife birding field trip to Prairie Wetlands Learning Center.
  • Tuesday, April 10th – NDGF Spring Advisory Board at Casselton City Hall at 7 PM.
  • April 9-10-12-16-17-19 – ND hunter ed classes from 6:30-9 PM at Hughes Shelter.
  • Thursday, April 26th – RRASC banquet at Hughes Shelter.
  • Saturday, May 5th – Vince Herding Youth Fishing Derby at Kidder Recreation Area.
  • Saturday, June 2nd – Dick Bell Catfish Tournament at Kidder Recreation Area.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.