March 21, 2019

A Red River Area Sportsman’s Club meeting was held at the Wahpeton Community Center from 7:30 to 9:00pm on Thursday March 21, 2019.  Greg Braun, Abby Heitkamp, Greg Gerou, Wayne Beyer, Jerry Oren, Curt Mund, Justin Kratz, Rich Truesdell, Becci Truesdell, Cindie VanTassel, Dave Langenwalter, Del Hoefs, Mark Althoff, and Brett Lambrecht attended the meeting.  MSC (W. Beyer & D. Langwalter) to approve Feb 21st, 2019 minutes.

Presidents Report (Greg Gerou)

  • Welcome new member, Del Hoefs. Welcome guests, Gunner Miller and family. Gunner’s attended the youth pheasant hunt in the 2018 and his pheasant was selected for the pheasant mount. Mark Althoff presented him with his mount. Gunnar also shoots for the Richland 44 Trap Team.
  • 2019 May elections for President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, & two directors’ positions. Greg and Brett will both be running again. Greg will follow up with open positions and who would like to run again.
  • 3 Grant Request
    • Mooreton Sportsmen’s Club
      • In addition to the RRASC grant request, the Mooreton Sportsmen’s Club did receive a grant from the ND Fish & Game. This will be passed through RRASC.
    • Head of the Red Rifle Range
    • Head of the Red Gun Club
    • There is a total of $3000 set aside for grants. Grants are reviewed on a quarterly basis.
    • It was suggested we limit these great to a $500 limit per grant.
    • MSC (C.VanTassel, W. Beyer) to approve $500.00 grant limit upon project completion.
    • It is a grant requirement to disclose how the grant was spent.
  • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Banquet – D. Bell and C. Mund have volunteered to help with kids’ games on March 23rd.

Treasurers Report (Greg Braun)

  • Checking account balance $30,000.71
  • MSC (C. Mund & R. Truesdell) to approve the treasurers report.

Parks & Recreation (Wayne Beyer)

  • ND Wildlife Federation
  • W. Beyer has raffle tickets available for $10. Proceeds help Wahpeton, Richland 44, Hankinson, & Fairmount kids.
  • Legislation did pass 28 to 18 and has moved onto the House. The bid on the data base is $1.5 million and it is projected this will come from the ND Game & Fish and the IT Department. It is projected it will take up to 4 years to implement. The goal would be to make it user friendly for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • ND Sportfishing Congress
  • ANS Funding – increasing fishing licenses and boat registration.
  • W. Beyer has raffle tickets available for sale.
  • ND Game & Fish Grant Application was approved for $20,000 for the Red River area on the southside of Wahpeton.
  • The City of Wahpeton has approved they will keep the road maintained.
  • Red River fishing pier & river bench project by Shea Truesdell has been approved by NDFG.
  • NDGF Spring Advisory Board Meeting is on April 1st in Embden, ND.

Secretary Report

  • Spring Banquet Invites have been mailed out.
  • Reminder the social is at 5:30
  • SharePoint – an online data storage for board members. G. Gerou has completed the initial set up. He is working on the bugs and figuring out how to share with others.


SE Area Sportsman’s Club Committee

  • No updates

Jr. Wildlife Club Committee (Cindie VanTassel, Rick Teberg & Rich Truesdell)

  • March 21st, 2019 20 children attended & built bird houses w/the assistance of the boy scouts.
  • April 15th will be a bird watching field trip.


  • Committee needs to vote on the applications we have received.

Hunting Contests

Big Buck & Bull Contests

  • Elk (adult) – Nathan Rausch, 323” 10-21-2018
  • Buck (adult) – Becci Truesdell

Longest Pheasant Tail Feather Contest

  • Mark Althoff & Joe Keller (Adult), 22.75″

Longest Turkey Beard Contest

  • Adult – Joe Keller, 9.25”, Sheyenne River Valley, 5-6-18
  • Youth – Josh Pfaff, 9”, 05-18-2018

Fishing Contests

  • Brown Trout (adult) – Nathan Rausch, 14” Colorado, 7-13-18.
  • Carp (youth) – Adyson Heitkamp, 20”, Red River, 02-18-2019.
  • Chinook Salmon (adult) – Don Resler, 53.6”, Alaska, 7-31-18.
  • Coho Salmon (adult) – Brian Resler, 15 lb., Alaska, 7-31-18.
  • Crappie (youth) – Joe Pfaff, 12”, 5-20-18.
  • Crappie (adult) – Mark Althoff, 14.75”, Long Lake, 6-27-18.
  • Halibut (adult) – Brian Resler, 50 lb., Alaska, 7-31-18.
  • Largemouth Bass (youth) – Shea Truesdell, 16”.
  • Largemouth Bass (adult) – Vern Shasky, 19.25”, Pearl Lake, 6-2-18.
  • Northern Pike (youth) – Jack Pfaff, 36”, Bismarck, 02-24-2019.
  • Northern Pike (adult–Abby Heitkamp, 36.25”, South Turtle, 2-23-19.
  • Sockeye Salmon (adult) – Don Resler, 12 lb., Alaska, 7-31-18.
  • Rainbow Trout (adult) – Rick Teberg, 21.5”, MS.
  • Walleye (adult) – Mark Althoff – 28.5”, Long Lake, 6-2-18.
  • Yellow Perch (youth)-Adyson Heitkamp-10″-Heitkamp Pond-2-16-19

Public Relations Committee (Rich Truesdell, Joe Keller, Brad Glarum and Cindie Van Tassel)

Facebook (Abby Heitkamp)

  • Uploading photos to Facebook should come directly from our page and not from other pages.
  • Change security setting so people cannot share their own post directly to our page

Red River/ANS Committee (Brett Lambrecht, Rich Truesdell and Larry Brunkhorst)

  • Received approval from NDFG for $20,000 grant, the total bid is for $39,000. The City of Wahpeton will maintain the road. The road will be wide enough for 2 vehicles to pass. Thank you to Rich and Brett for your hard work on this project.

Bois De Sioux Project

  • No new updates

Mooreton Pond (Brad Glarum, Greg Gerou, Vern Shasky, Rich Truesdell)

  • Christmas tree placement in the pond
  • Need to level rock. Skovholt’s transported fill. Need to move dock to east end of the pond. The west end needs floats attached.

MN DNR Project (Cindie Van Tassel)

  • No new updates

MN Fishing League (Cindie Van Tassel)

  • Fishing contests cancelled due to the weather. Prizes were drawn.

Member Spring Banquet

  • Nominations are open.
  • Game Warden recognition at G.W. Museum. Recommended we donate $250 towards a paver. MSC (G. Gerou & G. Braun) to approve the $250 donation to the G. W. Museum.
  • Presenter will be Brad Durick from the Red River Valley Catfish League and Brad Durick Outdoors.
  • C. VanTassel will get prizes
  • G. Gergou is looking for a caterer so far Wahpeton Deli had the best bid.

Vince Herding Spring Youth Fishing Derby

  • May 4th
  • Becci sent out fundraising letters
  • Posters on website and fb
  • Tournament runs from 8:00 am- 12:00 pm

Dick Bell Cat Fishing Tournament (Justin Kratz)

  • June 1st, 2019
  • Two weigh-in stations w/the same postal scale
  • Estimate cost is $35-$45
  • Locations of the scales will be at Kidder and Headwaters
  • Tournament runs from 7:00 am – 11:00 am

Family Fun Fishing Night

  • Fourth Year
  • Runs from June, July, & August
  • Working on getting permits
  • Getting rod and reels ready

Old/New Business

  • Blue Goose Days float needed for the parade on June 1st
  • WCCO April 2nd 5-7 ribbon cutting
  • MN DNR Walleye rearing – stocking project – total cost $5500 for around 41 lbs. of fingerlings. In 2018 the RRASC donated $500.00. MSC (D. Hoefs & C. VanTassel) to donate another $500.00 for this project.
  • Scholarship Breckenridge asking for donations for 2019. RRASC is going to pass due to the fact we have our own scholarship program.
  • Southern Valley Figure Skaters looking for donations – passing in 2019
  • Justin Kratz proposed we look at setting up bowfishing classes. Classes would have to take place during high sun and bows cost around $250-$300.
  • Al Giess 2019 State Crop Show
  • The RRASC is has geese and duck decoys to give away.

Calendar of Events

  • March 31, 2019 – Head of the Red Annual Banquet
  • April 8, 2019 – Jr Wildlife Club Tewaukon National Wildlife Refuge
  • April 20, 2019 – Zoo Clean Up Day
  • April 25, 2019 – Member Spring Banquet
  • May 16, 2019 – Kent Sundseth going away party @ Black Pelican 11:30
  • May 18, 2019 – Vince Herding Spring Youth Fishing Derby
  • June 1, 2019 – Dick Bell Cat Fishing Tournament

The next meeting is scheduled at the Wahpeton Community Center on Thursday, May 16th. There was no further discussions and meeting was adjourned.