May 18, 2017

A Red River Area Sportsmen’s Club meeting was held at Mooreton Pond from 7:30-9 PM on Thursday, May 18, 2017. Cindie VanTassel, Jerry Oren, Larry Brunkhorst, T.J Truesdell, Steve Truesdell, Greg Braun, Brad Glarum, Randy Hoerer, Justin Kratz, Curt Mund, Abby Stromberg, Brett Lambrecht, LeRoy Smith, Tim Phalen, Chuck Haus, Paul Sinner, Rick Teberg, Rich Truesdell, Becci Truesdell, Greg Arends and Wayne Beyer attended the meeting. Brad Glarum presided.

MSC (Lambrecht, Hoerer) to approve March 16, 2017 minutes.

Greg Arends, KBMW made a presentation entitled ‘Less X-Boxes, More Tackle Boxes.’ Highlights included:

  • Greg succeeds Bill Dablow as KBMW Manager. He grew up in Willmar with more tackle boxes than X boxes.
  • He met with Cindie VanTassel and Greg Gerou.
  • KBMW, Sanford Health, Fishing4Life and the Sportsmen’s Club could sponsor events June through August. Other sponsors are being recruited.
  • Fishing4Life has 75 available rods and reels and may be able to help with tackle boxes.
  • Sportsmen’s Club members would be asked to show youths how to fish.
  • Live broadcasts would encourage listeners to bring their video games to be exchanged for rods/reels and tackle boxes.
  • Sponsors would agree to collect rods/reels and tackle boxes for Fishing4Life to refurbish.
  • Six two-hour events would be scheduled.
  • Grand prize like a resort fishing weekend will be solicited.
  • Tim Phalen suggested events that got kids on the water catching fish. He said Lake Elsie, which has a high crappie population, would be a good choice. River fishing with the current is tough. NDGF may have a pontoon.
  • Greg said Hoot Lake and Pebble Lake around Fergus Falls are other good small lakes.
  • Chuck Haus reported the Richland Wildlife Club started a fishing league that is popular.

MSC (R. Truesdell, Teberg) to approve following by-law proposal. Article 2 – Purpose of the Organization. Section 2.1 – The object and purpose for which this organization is formed is to provide a common meeting ground for sportspeople and wildlife conservationists by which a united and organized effort can be made for the propagation, conservation and protection of all forms of wildlife in North Dakota and Minnesota. A primary focus for this organization is to propagate our outdoor heritage, meaning passing along our love of the outdoors to the next generation.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Greg Braun reported recent expenditures.
  • $500 scholarship was approved for Ben Holen.
  • Checking account balance is $23,400.
  • MSC (Brunkhorst, VanTassel) to approve $500 MN DNR walleye rearing pond grant.
  • $494.50 Red River Telephone grant for the Joe Pikarski Trap Club will be cashed and like payment made to the Mooreton Sportsmen’s Club. RRASC is the 501-c-3 fiscal sponsor.
  • ·MSC (Hoerer, Mund) to approve the financial report.

MSC (Braun, Sinner) to approve $15 per trap shooter at following schools: Milnor – 15, Breckenridge – 28, Wahpeton – 34, Hankinson – 16 and Richland – 18.

NDGF Hunter Education raffle tickets are available for $20.

Secretary’s Report

  • Abbi Paulseth, Breckenridge 4th grade teacher requested greenhouse / garden / plant funding support.
  • Interest has been expressed for hand gun permit training. John Boelke will be asked about same.
  • NDGF approved a $1500 youth hunt grant.
  • ND Wildlife Federation quarterly meeting was held in Valley City.
  • Affiliate clubs are being asked to consider fund-raisers like the Barnes County Wildlife Federation.
  • Club members weren’t interested in RAP auction guns for the Hunters Smoker due to uncertainty of used guns.
  • Sponsors may be solicited for ‘Ask Before You Enter’ signs.

Members / Projects

  • The SE Area Sportsmen’s Club has not met in recent months.
  • A few Jr. Wildlife Club members fished at Mooreton Pond tonight. One smallmouth bass was caught. Camping will be offered in June at Hughes Shelter. April 11th marks the 15th year anniversary of the Jr. Wildlife Club. Yearly calendar has been put together.
  • A deadline date will be used for scholarship applications.
  • Public Relations Committee is considering jackets. Jr. Wildlife and Vince Herding Spring Fishing Derby results were posted on the web site. Facebook has 120 likes and participation is always appreciated.
  • Brett Lambrecht will follow-up on safe chemical application around Kidder Rec Area rock shorelines to keep the grass down.
  • Vince Herding Spring Fishing Derby was a highly successful event with 150+ youths and over 200 fish caught. Each participant received a free rod and reel.
  • Rich Truesdell, T.J. Truesdell, Brad Glarum, Vern Shasky, Dave Langenwalter, Jerry Oren and Greg Gerou installed the Mooreton Pond fishing pier and boat dock. Jeff / Korey Skovholt provided the payloader. Wheels were put on two docks. Floats may be obtained from NDGF for the two fishing piers received from the zoo.
  • $171 was raised from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation youth games. 11 youths participated. Adult numbers were about the same as last year. Volunteers included T.J. / Addy Truesdell, Cindie VanTassel, Abby / Adyson  Heitkamp and Dick Bell.
  • Cindie VanTassel plans to organize Family Fishing Nights on the third Monday of June, July and August. She has gotten permission from ND Game-Fish and MN DNR to waive licenses. Last year interest increased from eight on the first night to 32 on the last night. Fishing4Life rods and reels are available again. Posters will be hung around the Twin Towns. The events could possible partner with the proposed KBMW activities.
  • Justin Kratz is chairing the Dick Bell Catfish Tournament, scheduled from 7-11 AM on Saturday, June 3rd. Cash prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th (most fish) and 5th (smallest fish). Volunteers are needed. A garden hose will be available to hose off boats. Registration ends at 9 AM. Prizes will be awarded at 11:30 AM.
  • Chuck Haus reported 600 pounds of bullheads were netted from Horseshoe Lake. Matt Meyer, Hankinson placed 81st at the National Archery Meet in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • ND Game & Fish is looking for hunting, fishing, trap shooting and archery volunteers at the State Fair in Minot on July 21-29. Hours are 12-7 PM.

    Hunting Contests

    • Turkey Beard (Adult) – Brett Lambrecht, 9.75”, Richland County, 4-23-17.
    • Turkey Beard (Youth) – Dylan Teberg, 10”, Wilkin County.

    Fishing Contests

    • Crappie (Youth) – Joe Pfahl – 13.5”, Fish Lake, 5-13-17.
    • Walleye (Adult) – Jeff Berg, 26”, Leech Lake, 5-15-17.

Officer Elections

  •  MSC (Glarum, Hoerer) to cease nominations and cast a unanimous ballot for Greg Gerou as President.
  • MSC (Hoerer, Smith) to cease nominations and cast a unanimous ballot for Brad Glarum as Vice-President.
  • MSC (Lambrecht, Sinner) to cease nominations and cast a unanimous ballot for Wayne Beyer as Secretary.
  • MSC (Glarum, Heitkamp) to cease nominations and cast a unanimous ballot for Greg Braun as Treasurer.
  • Cindie VanTassel (two-year term) and Brett Lambrecht (one-year term) were elected as Board Members.

Calendar of Events / Announcements

  • Saturday, June 3rd – Dick Bell Catfish Tournament at Kidder Recreation Area.
  • Thursday, June 15th – Club meeting at Hughes Shelter at 7:30 PM.
  • Wednesday, August 2nd – Carp & Sucker Fishing Derby at Kidder Recreation Area.
  • Saturday, September 16th – Youth Waterfowl Hunt around Tewaukon National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Saturday, September 30th – Youth Pheasant Hunt at Chuck Haus farm.
  • Friday, October 27th – Hunters Smoker at Eagles Club.
  • Friday, December 1st – Christmas Party at Optimists Shelter.

MSC (Braun, T.J. Truesdell) to adjourn the meeting.