November 21, 2019

A Red River Area Sportsmen’s Club meeting was held at the Wahpeton Community Center from 7:30 to 8:30 PM.

Attendees: Jerry Oren, Randy Hoerer, Brad Glarum, Greg Braun, Becci Truesdell, Rich Truesdell, Vern Shasky, Chuck Haus, Greg Gerou, Abby Heitkamp, Kelly Carlson, Wayne Beyer, Cindie Van Tassel, Curt Mund

Motion-Second-Carried (MSC) – (Greg, Vern) to approve October 17, 2019 meeting minutes as corrected.

+ TG Sanitation has new ownership


President’s Report

  • Basecamp is now fully functional – finalize and correct list of emails

Treasurer’s Report

  • Tickets and donations were up for the Smoker – preliminary shows just over $33K in profits
  • $55,832.26 check book balance
  • Approve financial report – MSC Cindie, Abby

Parks & Rec Report

  • ND Wildlife Federation: grant application deadline Nov 30, 2019 – state convention Jan 3-4, 2020
  • ND Game & Fish: next meeting Dec 2, 2019, Cogswell
  • Chose to apply for big game license – MSC Greg, Vern
  • ND Sportfishing Congress: main topic was how to curb the spread of zebra mussels


  • Overall it went quite well
  • Would club want to make a donation to St. Johns Mardi Gras for use of kitchen for Smoker?
  • 37 new or renewed members the night of the smoker
  • Committee will have a follow up meeting
  • Recommendation to move event from 10/30/2020 to 10/23/2020, possibly on Saturday
  • $100 to Dave Pauly for gun transfer fees

Junior Wildlife Club

  • Turkey calling was tonight’s event; 11 youth attended
  • No December event scheduled

Club Contest Additions

  • Joe Keller: mule deer; Leroy Smith: 4×4 white tail
  • Reminder: proposed waterfowl hunting contest will be determined by highest number of species harvested.

Public Relations

  • Reminder to send pics to Becci and Abby to post on Facebook and the club’s website


  • Zebra mussels found in Lake of the Woods – larvae found in Upper and Lower Red Lake

Mooreton Pond

  • Richland County Park Board – docks out; broken panel on dock, replacement acquired

Other News

  • SE Sportsmen’s Club meets at south-side Lake Elsie American Legion Hall on Tuesday, November 26th.
  • Ladies Rooster Roundup (Abby) – dogs, speaker, facility, birds are lined up; 8 ladies signed up so far; Mike Anderson from G&F to be there; Becci printed recipe books; asked Wayne for table & chairs
  • Barnes County Wildlife April 4, Big Spenders Banquet in Valley City – $100 per ticket, RRASC would like to buy one – MSC Greg B, Curt
  • Prairie Pothole Partners – Jr Duck Stamp donation $250, RRASC would like to continue to support – MSC Cindie, Vern
  • ND Youth Archery donation $250 – MSC Rich, Vern
  • Thank you to Comstock for tables and chairs was requested; Rich will handle

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Calendar of Events
  • November 21, 2019, 6:00-7:00 PM – Jr. Wildlife Club, Turkey Calling by Renegade Toms, Hughes Shelter
  • November 21, 2019, 7:30-9:00 PM – Member Meeting, Hughes Shelter

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