September 19, 2019

A Red River Area Sportsmen’s Club meeting was held at the Wahpeton Community Center from 7:30 to 8:30 PM. Greg Gerou, Vern Shasky, Kevin Manock, Randy Hoerer, Jerry Oren, Curt Mund, LeRoy Smith, Brad Glarum, Becki Truesdell, Abby Heitkamp, Justin Kratz, Greg Braun, Rich Truesdell, Wayne Beyer, Nathan Rausch and Mary Bostrom attended the meeting. Motion-Second-Carried (MSC) -(Kevin, Abby) to approve August 15, 2019 meeting minutes.



  • Base Camp Data sharing system is ready to use. Greg G has continued to test. By-laws are posted out there now. John Bradley can help get emails loaded for reminders.
  • Firearm Certification has been completed, and done at no charge to the club. Firearm are ready for youth us.
  • RAP Auction went well; they netted over $25,000. The next auction is anticipated to happen in 2021.
  • NDWF has funds available for fall hunts. Clubs are asked to submit receipts for partial to full reimbursement (dependent on availability of funds).


  • Checking account balance is $23,108
  • RRASC currently has insurance coverage through Heritage Insurance -MSC (Brad, Greg B) to continue coverage through Heritage Insurance.
  • MSC (Vern, Curt) to approve financial report.

Parks & Rec

  • NDWF Meeting to be held Oct 9 at 6PM in Jamestown
  • NDFG: will need to sign contracts to ensure docks are taken out of water for winter. Next Advisory Meeting is scheduled for Dec 2 in Cogswell
  • ND Sportfishing: next meeting will be held October 26 in Jamestown. It was also noted that zebra muscles have been found in Lake Ashtabula, north of Valley City.


  • Fund raiser is scheduled at the Community Center on Friday, October 25th.
  • 140 lbs of game meat are needed; 96 lbs of deer has been accounted for so far. 6-12 lbs to come from Dick Bell
  • Goose, ducks, etc are accepted
  • ATM availability is under discussion. Committee is looking into a card reader option; if possible, would be connected to a PayPal account.
  • Renegade Toms are donating a gun
  • Volunteer are asked to arrive between 5 and 5:30 for setup
  • Potatoes and onions are being donated by Y-!e need to pick them

Junior Wildlife Club

  • Youth were at Head of the Red last weekend for archery and trap
  • 8 youth attended the duck/goose hunt. A couple of gees and a few ducks were harvested.
  • Air rifle is the next event scheduled for October 17.

Youth Pheasant Hunt

  • Greg Gad Mark Althoff are planning a visit to the Chuck Haus farm west of Hankinson to make arrangements.
  • Orange vests have been purchased for the youth hunters.
  • Pre-hunt trap shoot is scheduled on Friday, October 4th at the Mooreton Trap Club. The hunt is limited to 15 youth.
  • Group is going to Fort Ransom to pick up the birds on October 4. NWTF to donate prizes. Mark is working on getting mentors (one-on-one mentoring works best as the kids get spread out).
  • 8:00 AM for hunting crew, 9:00 AM for cooking crew
  • Steve Manock donated sausage for both youth hunts-THANK YOU!

Club Contest Additions

  • Nathan Rausch: 26″ Steelhead trout, Lake Michigan, August 3
  • Nathan Rausch: 30″ Chinook salmon, lake Michigan, August 3
  • Justin Kratz: Greater Canada Goose
  • Reminder: proposed waterfowl hunting contest will be determined by highest number of species harvested.

Red River Committee

  • Brett Lambrecht requested $20,000 from City Finance Committee towards south-side road access project. City officials did not approve funding due to frequent flooding of the area.
  • Shea Truesdell’s Eagle Scout project consists of placing five benches along river shoreline fishing areas. Concrete has been poured. The Club has been requested to provide 5 names for the benches for memorium/honoring.
  • Wayne is working with the Corp of Engineers to riprap the dock area

Mooreton Pond

  • Greg G attended the last County Board meeting.
  • Culvert on the north side will be replaced, ditch cleaning is pending, roads to be grated, lake is high right now.
  • The wood posts were removed and large rocks were put in.
  • Request for RRASC to move dock placement next year of the west dock. Maintenance needed for the east dock.
  • Need to pull the 4 docks out sometime in Oct, to be scheduled


  • Will have signs out at the Smoker. Please share any ideas with the committee.

Other News

  • SE Sportsmen’s Club meets at south-side Lake Elsie American Legion Hall on Tuesday, November 26th .
  • No scholarship applications have been received. Applications are available on the Club’s website .
  • KBMW – Greg G has been attending
  • Bowfishing- one bow has been donated
  • ND Game & Fish provided generic fishing pier sign logo for consideration. Wayne will get them ordered for next spring.
  • Bismarck mechanical engineering student requested funding support for a Robo deer that could be used for archery ,..
  • practice. Total cost is $250. Greg Gerou will’follow-up. MSC (Brad, Rich) to NOT approve this grant as the student is not planning on continuing the project after graduation.
  • Northern lights Council submitted a grant for $1382 for their project. They have $880 raised and in-kind. Their project is for shotgun safety, range _training, NRA trainers, and clay targets. MSC (Rich, Wayne) to approve a $500 grant.
  • Greg G has received a request for a Fishing for life Mentor. Child is located in Moorhead and is interested in anything outdoors. The mentorship would be for one year. Rich and others will reach out to contacts in FM area clubs to see if this is something they would be willing to take on locally. Greg G to follow up with the Fishing for life contact to gather more information and also share with him FM club options.
  • Mooreton Sportsmens Club funds transfer- RRASC is holding approximately $1172.50 of grant funds for MSC. Greg G and Greg B will review the information for accuracy, then will get the funds transferred to MSC for their thrower house rebuild.
  • Fish cleaning stations have “no waterfowl cleaning” signs, however, carcasses are still being found at the stations.
  • NTWF Banquet is scheduled for February 7, 2020.
  • There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Calendar of Events

  • September 13, 2019, 6:00-7:00 PM-Jr. Wildlife Club, Trap Shooting or Archery, Breckenridge Trap Club.
  • September 14, 2019 -Youth Waterfowl Hunt, Tewaukon National Wildlife Refuge Area, Cayuga.
  • October 17, 2019, 6:00-7:00 PM – Jr. Wildlife Club, Air Rifle, Wahpeton Community Center.
  • October 17, 2019, 7:30-9:00 PM – Member Meeting, Wahpeton Community Center.

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