September 20, 2018

A Red River Area Sportsmen’s Club meeting was held on Thursday, September 20th from 7:30-9 PM at the Wahpeton Community Center. Greg Braun, Clarence Schutz, Dave Langenwalter, Kevin Manock, Cindie VanTassel, Mandy Steinberger, Curt Mund, Rich / Becki Truesdell, Vern Shasky, Don Resler, Randy Hoerer, Jerry Oren, Paul Sinner, Greg Gerou and Wayne Beyer attended the meeting.

Don Resler was welcomed to the meeting.

Motion-Second-Carried (MSC) – (Shasky, Hoerer) to approve August 16, 2018 minutes after correcting no gravel has been moved yet at Mooreton Pond and $500 Eagles Club / Jr. Wildlife donation should have been listed under ‘Income.’

President Greg Gerou

  • MSC (Langenwalter, Shasky) to install sign for golf course fishing pier. Lonnie Halverson should be contacted before commercial sign is pursued.
  • Secretary transition was reviewed. Parks-Recreation prepared duties handout. It is OK to continue registering Jr. Wildlife and youth activities with Parks-Recreation office.
  • Club fishing and hunting contests can be communicated with Parks-Recreation or secretary.
  • Guns need to be inventoried, including brand, model, serial, condition and estimated value. Once inventoried, need should be determined. Some are too big for youth shooters. Next month’s Jr. Wildlife gun cleaning class may be a good time to inventory and clean all the guns. Greg Gerou, Rich Truesdell and Paul Sinner offered to help.
  •  Review reassignment of committee members. Some committee members may want to change or have not attended club meetings for a while and may no longer be interested.
  • Insurance coverage was reviewed. Proposals include Larson Insurance – $881 Liability + $483 Officers / Directors = $1374 and Heritage Insurance – $703 Liability + $558 / Officers / Directors = $1261.  Both plans offer $2 million General Liability at $1 million per occurrence. MSC (Langenwalter, Truesdell) to approved purchasing insurance from Heritage Insurance. Larson Insurance will be thanked for providing coverage over recent years.
  • Mooreton Trap Club was awarded $600 Wal-Mart grant for trap range project.

Consider changes to the April Banquet format / awards.

  • Club members were favorable to inviting local hunter education teachers – Joel Johnson, Billy Gauslow, Jeff Bjugstad and others. They make a considerable investment training future hunters and commit much time – two sessions with six 2.5 hour training classes both times.
  • A Landowner Conservation Award, recognizing a landowner(s) for their conservation work should be implemented. PLOTS participation would be an example of recognition. Nominations can be from North Dakota and Minnesota.
  • Consider a Business Conservation Award to recognize a local/regional business that supports the club goals on conservation. Greg will draft nomination forms for the new awards.

Treasurer Greg Braun

  • Budget and August income-expense reports were included with the meeting packet.
  • Bill payment included Cindie VanTassel – $29.64 for Family Fishing Night supplies, KBMW – $300 for Less X-Box / More Tackle Box event, Bold Print – $69.55 for Hunters Smoker raffle tickets, Rich Truesdell – $279.99 for Hunters Smoker prize gun, Cindie VanTassel – $238.22 for Youth Waterfowl Hunt giveaways, Larry Brunkhorst – $57.52 for Brunk’s Carp & Sucker Derby nightcrawlers, Manock Meats – $810 for Food Pantry venison processing, Bold Print – $124.93 for Hunters Smoker receipts and Chahinkapa Zoo – $350 for Awards Banquet meal.
  • Checking account balance is $13,800.
  • MSC (VanTassel, Mund) to approve treasurer’s report.

Parks & Recreation

  • MSC (VanTassel, Oren ) to grant Prairie Pothole Partners $500 for Klefstad Waterfowl Production Area native grass project.
  • The North Dakota Wildlife Federation meets at an Audubon sanctuary north of Jamestown on Thursday, October 4th.
  • The North Dakota Sportfishing Congress met at the Federal Fish Hatcher near Riverdale on Saturday, September 22nd. A comprehensive club fishing report was prepared and distributed. Aquatic Nuisance Species and additional ND Game-Fish fisheries staff were addressed.
  • North Dakota Lure Em for Life met at ND Game-Fish Headquarters in Bismarck on Saturday, September 22nd. Volunteers assemble the mini-tackle boxes used by our club at youth fishing events.
  • The Prairie Wetlands Center 20th Anniversary event was held on Saturday, August 18th. Monarch butterflies were tagged, educational sessions were offered, Corner Booth String Band played music and a root beer float was delicious.
  • ND Game & Fish Department Fall Advisory Board Meeting is scheduled at Hughes Shelter on Monday, December 3rd. Club members are encouraged to bring food for a wild game feed and get youths to attend.

SE Area Sportsmen’s Club Committee  (Curt Mund & Vern Shasky)

  • Vern reported on September 27th meeting held at Hankinson.
  • Each club was asked to address deer hunting licenses, including long periods with no license and the inability of youths to continue getting licenses. Some feel this discourages youths from hunting deer again. Does giving a youth tag to an 11-year-old promote lifelong hunting? Some feel 11 years old is too young and the one-time minimum age of 14 should be considered again. Should the system allow a person to get three tags (bow, rifle, muzzle-loader) but harvest only one deer? Is there an opportunity to transfer a tag to another hunter? Some feel September is too early for the Youth Deer Hunt as meat easily spoils in the warm temperatures. Paul Sinner said the ND Hunter Education course book is at a 5th grade level. Vern Shasky, Mandy Steinberger, Curt Mund and Rich Truesdell offered to form a mini-committee to make recommendations.
  • Brandon Laddusaw, Sargent County USDA presented about CRP, PLOTS, Outdoor Heritage Fund and public access. Club members were pleased that Brandon once received a RRASC scholarship and is now using his education out in the field.
  • Farm Bill means considerable contact with our federal legislators. The Senate version is favorable to the House proposal. There are strong conservation programs.
  • Cogswell Rod & Gun Club is hosting their annual buffalo feed fund-raiser.
  • Area fishing talk included nice sized walleyes at Alkali Lake and Grass Lake (weedy).
  • Richland Wildlife fund-raiser is scheduled on Saturday, December 1st.
  • Pheasants Forever was happy with 70% survival rate of released birds.
  • Next meeting is scheduled at Hankinson Hot Cakes on Monday, November 5th at 7 PM.
  • Farmers are seeing lots of pheasants and whitetail deer.

Jr. Wildlife Club Committee (Cindie VanTassel, Rick Teberg & Rich Truesdell)

  • Duck and goose calling was offered at the Head of the Red Trap Club on Friday, September 14th.
  • Gun cleaning will be offered on Thursday, October 18th.

Scholarship Committee (Patrick Brejcha, Rich Truesdell & Vern Shasky)

  • No new applications have been received.

Hunting Contests

  • Turkey beard (adult) – Joe Keller, 9.25”, Sheyenne River Valley, 5-6-18.

Fishing Contests

  • Chinook Salmon (adult) – Don Resler, 53.6”, Alaska, 7-31-18.
  • Coho Salmon (adult) – Brian Resler, 15 lb, Alaska, 7-31-18.
  • Crappie (adult) – Mark Althoff, 14.75”, Long Lake, 6-27-18.
  • Halibut (adult) – Brian Resler, 50 lb, Alaska, 7-31-18.
  • Largemouth Bass (adult) – Vern Shasky, 19.25”, Pearl Lake, 6-2-18.
  • Northern Pike (youth) – Hunter Gregor, 28.5”, 8-1-18.
  • Sockeye Salmon (adult) – Don Resler, 12 lb, Alaska, 7-31-18.
  • Walleye (adult) – Mark Althoff – 28.5”, Long Lake, 6-2-18.

Public Relations Committee (Rich Truesdell, Joe Keller, Brad Glarum and Cindie VanTassel)

  • Web site – Becki Truesdell.
  • Facebook – Abby Heitkamp. Please send Abby pictures from the Youth Waterfowl Hunt. There are 245 followers. Take the time and leave a review.
  • There were no takers for pulling a float during the NDSCS Homecoming Parade.

Red River / ANS Committee (Brett Lambrecht, Rich Truesdell and Larry Brunkhorst).

  • Corps of Engineers permit needs to be approved before work can start around Kidder Rec Area fishing pier shoreline.
  • Bench clamps have not been received for the fishing pier benches.

Mooreton Pond  (Brad Glarum, Greg Gerou, Vern Shasky and Rich Truesdell)

  • Greg met with the Richland County Park Board and made a decision on placement of the two fishing piers, including (1) east side just north of the shelter and (2) southeast corner of lake.

MN DNR Projects (Cindie VanTassel)

  • Rip-rap was used to retrofit a Buffalo River lowhead dam.
  • September 22-23 weekend is Minnesota’s ‘Take a Kid Hunting Weekend.’

Family Fishing Nights (Cindie VanTassel)

  • 106 people attended the three sessions.

Youth Waterfowl Hunt (Kevin Manock)

  • 16 youths enjoyed a great hunt on a misty, foggy Saturday, September 15th morning.
  • Smaller shotgun would be helpful for small hunters.
  • Tim Phalen and Kent Sundseth set out the decoys on small sloughs around Tewaukon National Wildlife Refuge.
  • All got shooting, some with 15-20 shots and a number of ducks, including blue-winged teal, mallards, gadwalls and shovelers were harvested.
  • The pre-trap shoot at the Head of the Red Trap Club went well. Drew Bajumpaa did a great job with the duck and goose calling.
  • Delicious pancake and sausage breakfast was prepared by the crew. Manock Meats donated the sausage.

Youth Pheasant Hunt (Mark Althoff)

  • Adult pheasants are being purchased from a Lisbon, ND source for release.
  • Thaddeus Steinberger was added to the list that will be capped at 15.
  • Everything is lined up at the Chuck Haus farm west of Hankinson. We are fortunate to have a good relationship with a conservation-minded farmer.
  • Breakfast cooking crew is lined up.
  • Mark has recruited enough adult mentors.
  • Trap shooting is planned the night before at the Mooreton Trap Club.

Hunters Smoker

  • Guns have been ordered.
  • Posters and tickets were available for pick-up.
  • Prizes should be given to the Truesdells by the October 18th meeting.
  • Any help recruiting prizes would be appreciated.
  • Cindie VanTassel is recruiting volunteers.
  • 80 pounds of meat are needed for both chili and stew.
  • Chuck Haus bountiful garden will provide potatoes and onions.
  • Kevin Manock has carrots.
  • Committee meeting is scheduled next week.

Old / New / Unfinished Business

  • Greg Gerou is getting law enforcement dispatch calls when roadkill deer are available.
  • John Boelke is offering a conceal carry class at the Optimists Shelter on Thursday, September 27th. Cost is $60 and limited to 30 participants.
  • Mooreton Trap Club is offering a trap shooting event for 40 Wahpeton and Wyndmere FFA students on Saturday, September 22nd at 1:30 PM.

Calendar of Events / Announcements

  • Friday, September 28th – Jr. Wildlife Trap Shooting at Joe Pikarski Trap Club.
  • Saturday, September 29th – Youth Pheasant Hunt at Chuck Haus farm.
  • Thursday, October 4th – ND Wildlife Federation quarterly meeting at Chase Lake Refuge.
  • Thursday, October 18th – 6 p.m. – Jr Wildlife Gun Cleaning at Community Center.
  • Thursday, October 18th – 7:30 PM – RRASC club meeting at Community Center.
  • Thursday, October 25th – Hunters Smoker prep night at Eagles Club.
  • Friday, October 26th – Hunters Smoker at Eagles Club.
  • Thursday, November 15th – 6 p.m. – Jr Wildlife Carving at Community Center.
  • Thursday, November 15th – 7:30 PM – RRASC club meeting at Community Center.
  • Monday, December 3rd – 7 PM – ND Game-Fish Fall Advisory Board Meeting at Hughes Shelter.
  • Saturday, December 8th – RRASC’s Annual Christmas Party at Community Center.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.